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Introduction of Mathematical Scratch Program

(Addition of two Numbers)


We are going to make a Mathematical Program using Scratch software, the name of the project is Addition of Two Numbers.

In which a Sprite is use for adding our given two numbers, we can choose any sprite.

On stage the sprite and three variables are display, we choose a cat sprite for this mathematical program, and make three variables.

  1. First Number.
  2. Second Number.
  3. Sum

we programmed the Sprite cat as, when we click space key the sprite cat asked for the First Number (we give any number by typing numerical key) then pressed Enter kay. After pressing Enter Key the Sprite asked for the Second Number (we give any Number by typing the numerical key) then we pressed Enter. After giving Second Number or pressing Enter key, the Sprite Cat wait for a second and say (the Sum of your two numbers is ….) and say sum of two number.

This is very interesting, lets start making this (Addition of two Numbers).

Need of things for making this Scratch


First open Scratch Software any way Offline or Online the main Default screen will look like as given below.

After opening the main Default screen, first we choose Sprite for making addition of two number scratch.

You can choose any sprite which you want in your Scratch. here, we use default cat sprite.

  • Select any Sprite Form Sprite library by clicking on (+Add Sprite icon).

Program code for Addition of two Numbers

First, we make Three variables

  1. First number
  2. Second number
  3. sum

Working of the Addition Scratch


After Completing the Program for Addition of two Numbers, now checking the working of this Scratch.

Before Clicking any key, all the variables are initially Zero.

  • After Click on Space key to start the Addition Scratch.
  • The Sprite Cat ask For the First Number.

  • Please, give any Number then Pressed Enter
  • After Enter First Number and Pressed on Enter
  • Then the Sprite Cat ask for the Second Number

  • Please, give any Number then Pressed Enter Key
  • After Enter Second Number and Pressed on Enter
  • Then the Sprite Cat wait for 1 Second.
  • And the Sprite cat say (Your Sum of Two Number is…) for 2 Second

And say The Sum of Two Numbers

  • And Stop all program.
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