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Default Screen of Scratch Software

This is a Default Screen of Scratch, here some main interface or Tools are available to using these tools we can make our Animation, Games, or Create a Story.

In this default Screen the main Areas are: –

  • Sprite
  • Stage
  • Sprites Area
  • Programming Area (Script Area)
  • Blocks Categories
  • Blocks Palette

Main Components of Scratch Default Screen



Sprite is a small graphical character that perform an action in a scratch project to make a Animation, story & game.

The cat  is a Default Sprite in a Scratch software.



This is the main working area, where the sprite move & performs an action as we give any instructions.

Here we can watch our Stories, Play Game, & run Scratch Project that we have created.

The Stage is Divided into X & Y co-ordinates, this co-ordinate indicates the position of the sprite on the Stage.



This area is called sprite area, here we Add, Create, Upload, and Capture a Sprite for our Animation, Game, and Story, or choose a background for the stage.



This is also called script Area; this is a place where we create a script for a sprite to do a particular task.

The script is created by Dragging the instructions from the Script blocks and Dropping them step wise (Block-by-Block wise).

The collection of creating Script is also called a program.



The Script categories are the collection of Script Blocks by their working function.

The script categories are….

  1. Motion: – these categories is including with all the motion block for the Sprites.
  2. Looks: – these categories are including with all the graphical looks for the sprite.
  3. Sound: – these categories are including with Add the Sound in the Animation or the Story.
  4. Events: – these categories are including with all the Events for the animation to start or to create any event of the sprite.
  5. Control: – these categories are including with all the controls Block to which we can control the Sprites by using different types of control Blocks.
  6. Sensing: – these categories are including with all the sensing Block, to feel senses in the Sprite.
  7. Operators: – these categories are including with all the Mathematical operations Block.
  8. Variables: – here we can make our variables for game, or animation.
  9. My Blocks: – here we can make new programmable Blocks.

All these categories are including the set of Programable Block by their categories name.



The Block Palette are the Collection of programmable Block by their Categories,

Make a Simple Animation (Walking Bear)


We are Going to make a Simple Animation (Walking Bear with Changing background).

  • Open Scratch Software (Online or Downloaded Software)
  • Now Follow instruction as given Below.
  • First select Bear Sprite Form Sprite library by clicking on (+Add Sprite icon).

  • Now Select Two Backgrounds (Arctic & Winter) by Clicking on Add Background.

Now make Program for Bear 🐻 & Changing Background

Dragging Programmable Block from Block Palette & Dropped on to the Scripts area.

Now the Bear Programming is Done,

Now make a program to switch the Background.

Click on Background, now Drop Block on Script Area.

Now a Simple Animation is Ready.

  • When we click on Green Flag.

The animation is start; the bear Costumes is continuously changing (it looks like the Bear 🐻 walk Continuously).

And continuously switch between the Two Background (same as given figure).

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