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Introduction of Game


We are going to make a Game using Scratch software. The name of the game is Score game.

In which a Paddle Sprite Move in X-axis by moving the Mouse Left & Right and Y-axis is Fixed for the paddle.

A Ball Sprite is moving all over the Screen randomly, if the Ball touched to the Paddle then the Score Increase by 1 every time & speed Increase by (SPEED*3) the initial Speed is multiplying by three every time when the Ball touched to the Paddle.

And the Costumes of the Ball change every time After touching to the Paddle.

This game is infinity, which means this game is never stopped until you lose the Game. When the Ball goes below to the Paddle, then a Message Displayed (GAME OVER) and the game is Stopped.

Process to start making Game


As we know, we can Use this Scratch Software ONLINE as well as OFFLINE also.

For Making Offline Scratch

  • Open your Downloaded (Scratch Desktop) Software.
  • For Making Online Scratch
  • Open Your PC or LAPTOP 💻.
  • Go to Browser
  • Search on google (Online Scratch) and click on Search.
  • OR Click on this link ( to Directly open.
  • After search on Web, Now the Dashboard of Scratch will open.

Need of things for Game


After opening Scratch Software any way Offline or Online the main Default screen will look like as given below.

After opening the main Default screen, first we choose Sprite for making our Game.

Choose a Ball Sprite & paddle Sprite.

  • Select a Ball Form Sprite library by clicking on (+Add Sprite icon).

  • Then Select a Line from Sprite Library by Clicking On (+Add Sprite icon).

Resize & Rename the Line

  • Click on the Line Sprite,
  • Then Click on Costumes, then Click on Line Bar and resize it.
  • Rename the Sprite (Paddle).

Program code for Game


Now Start Programming

  • First, we make Two variables
  1. – Score
  2. – Speed
  • First, program the Paddle Sprite,
    Note: – Fixed the Paddle on Y-Axis at (-160) & set X to move by moving the mouse.

Working of the Game


After Completing the Program for Ball & Paddle, now checking the working of our Game.

  • Now Click on Green Flag to start the Game.
  • The Game will start.

Initially the Score is Zero (0) & the initial Speed of Ball is (8).

when the Ball Touch to the Paddle, then the Score increase and the Costumes of the Ball change Every time. and the Speed of Ball increase every time by (8*3) times,

when the Ball goes Down to the Paddle, a Message Display (Game Over) for 2 Second and Stop the Game.

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