3D Designing (TinkerCad Software)
About Lesson


  Here We will learn about : 
  • Introducing Shape Generators
  • The Extrusion Generators
  • The Text tools

Introducing Shape Generators

Shape generators in Tinkercad provides a variety of customizable shapes to incorporate into your project. We can find this shape generator in dropdown menu image (ii), there are many pre-defined shapes and we can create of our own. The first image (i) is of featured shape generator; as it contains extrusion shape, spring, bent pipe, threads, and many more as we explore. These all can be used in our designs in various ways. The second option in shape generator is of ALL, we there are code base shape which we can use as per need and there are few mechanical components as we can see in image (iii) and it has more shapes than featured shape generator.

The Extrusion Generators

Extrusion is one of the most interesting shapes as we can change its profile as we want to according to design. The outline of with can be manipulated as we need, it’s like a free 2D sketch as we can give edges, corners, curves etc. we can find this in featured shape generator option. Just drag the handle of its outline to work on it, we can make the sharp corner with the help of ALT key as we need to hold on while giving shape.

The Text tools

The text tool is found below the basic shape as named text and numbers, where we can find both alphabets and numerical to use in our design. We just need to drag the text onto the workplane and edit the text as we want on our design, there is more option as font, height, bevel, segments that can be changed. Text can be used as both a solid and a hole.