3D Designing (TinkerCad Software)
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Designing of HIVE Penholder

We are going to design a pen stand, to make it more attractive we will design it of hive shape, and later on, we will 3D Print this Pen stand.

To design a pen stand in Tinkercad, follow these steps. So, let’s get started:

Step 1: Making of body

While designing of the pen stand, Select the perspective view

  • Drag the cylinder onto the work plane and increase its sides to 64.
  • Press shift key with the curse of the mouse increases the cylinder to 100mm. By this, the size of the cylinder will increase in all three axis simultaneously.

Step 2: Making of Hive

We will make a honeycomb structure

  1. Select the polygon and give its dimensions, Length-18mm, Width-20mm, Height-110mm.
  2. Move the cylinder out of the work plane for a while, to make a honeycomb structure.
  3. Now move the polygon 5mm below the plane as the above length will remain 105mm
  4. After this, select the Top view for better working.

Step 3: Duplicating the polygon

  1. Select the polygon and use the duplicate feature to make more polygon.
  2. Keep the distance between the two polygons of 22mm.
  3. Total duplicate six polygons and again duplicate the upper polygon to below with distance of shift to left- 11mm and shift to down- 18mm as shown in the figure.
  4. Now select both the polygon line and duplicate it, shift down the polygon to 36mm as shown in the figure.
  5. Duplicate it the same way three more times.


  • Now select all the polygons and group them together using the group feature.

Step 4: Combining cylinder and polygons.

  1. Select the solid polygon and make them hole using the hole feature.
  2. Now group the cylinder and polygon together, first use align feature and then group feature to group it centrally.
  3. The above figure shows the body after grouping.

Step 5: Making of dome shape.

  • Select one cylinder and half-sphere of dimensions, cylinder- Diameter 100mm Height-60mm and half sphere- Diameter 100mm and height 50mm.
  • Increase the cylinder slides to 64.
  • Now select the half sphere and make it a hole.
  • Group the cylinder and half sphere together, a dome shape will be made inside the cylinder.            


  • Now select cylinder and make it a hole as shown below.                 


Step 6: Final cut

As we have made the hollow dome, now we will group the body and dome together.

  • Select the honeycomb structure body and hollow dome, Use align feature to group it centrally.
  • Move the hollow dome towards the top of the honeycomb structure by aligning feature.
  • Increase the overall body of dome by shift key with curser by 2mm.

  • Now group the hollow dome and honeycomb structure to obtain the final object.
  • As we group them together, we get our desire shape we required.
  • Change the view to orthographic mode to experience its 3D design better.
  • Now save the file in .STL format and slice it accordingly in CURA software.
  • Congratulations you can now 3D print your pen stand.