3D Designing (TinkerCad Software)
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Designing a Key Chain using TinkerCad


We will design a keychain using Tinkercad software, during this project we will learn few features used in Tinkercad software.

Follow the stepwise procedure to design a keychain in Tinkercad.

Let’s get started:

Step 1: The base body of the keychain


  1. Take a Box from the basic shapes and give dimensions as- length 80mm, width 20mm, height 5mm.
  2. Note: all dimension will be in “mm” (Millimetres)

Step 2: Draw the TEXT feature onto the work plane


  1. By using the left click on the mouse draw the Text feature on the work plane.
  2. As a dialogue box appears, edit the text as the name we want to be on the keychain.

Step 3: Give dimensions and move text


  1. Give dimensions as to the Text- Length 55mm, width 7mm, and height 3mm
  2. Now lift the Text from the bottom plane using a cone to 5mm and place it over the body of the keychain.
  3. Arrange the Text manually or using Align feature as required.
  4. Again, use the Text feature put “school” on the keychain
  5. Dimension of the school Text are- Length 44mm, width 4mm, and height 3mm
  6. Do the final arrangement of Text manually or using Align feature as required.

Step 4: Grouping of Body and TEXT


  1. Using left click make a rectangular box to select the Body of the keychain and Text used.
  2. After selecting the body and text click on the group icon as shown above to group everything together to me one single part.

Step 5: Keychain hole


  1. Select a cylinder and give a dimension – Diameter 3mm and height 5mm.
  2. Make that cylinder a hole and group it with the body of the keychain.
  3. A hole with a dimension of the cylinder will be made on the body.

Step 6: Add a ring to the keychain


  1. Drag a ring to a plane and give dimension as- length 15mm, width 2mm, height 15mm.
  2. Place the ring in the hole made in the keychain body.
  3. Now group the two bodies together, using the group option.
  4. Congratulation!!! Your design is ready for 3D Printing.



Adding ring to the keychain is optional, it can be printed without the ring for rough use.

Slicing (CURA) should be done in the proper orientation for smooth print.

Note: You can design with any shape and size of the Keychain engraved with your name on it.