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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is a STEAM Lab?

The STEAM Lab is a space to engage in experiential hands-on Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math activities with a fun learning process that encourages creativity, curiosity, and critical thinking. STEAM Lab activities vary widely focussing on AI, Coding, and Robotics education for students starting from as early as grade 3 or the age group between 8-10 years.

2. How early should STEAM learning start?

There is no age bar to getting STEAM education but we recommend that it should start as early as class 3 for students between 8-10 years of age. From simple coding to small hands-on projects, students learn to build their working models to understand the fundamentals of AI, Coding & Robotics.

3. How can a STEAM lab be transformed into an AI & Robotics Lab?

STEAM is a broader concept whereas AI & robotics is the neoteric approach to provide an in-depth understanding of AI, Coding, IoT & Robotics. A STEAM lab can be transformed into an AI & Robotics Lab with the addition of multiple dedicated workstations for young innovators to turn their ideas into reality.

4. How does the learning process of the AI & Robotics lab work?

AI & Robotics Labs offer multifold learning in a stepwise manner. With dedicated trainers, an elaborate curriculum, hands-on with several interesting DIY projects, manuals, and instructive videos for multiple working models with real-life applications.

5. What are the prerequisites from the school for the installation of the AI & Robotics Lab?

The following are the prerequisites from the school before the installation of an AI lab Internet Access Minimum 500-600sq ft space with furnished amenities such as Internet Connection 3-4 laptops for students. Audio-visual devices to help trainers deliver the lecture

6. What are the key components of the AI & Robotics Lab?

The AI & Robotics lab focuses on imparting AI & Robotics education along with coding skills to students starting from classes 3 to 9. The key features of an AI & Robotics lab include several workstations, with coding and engineering equipment, and kits supported with classroom, online and self-paced learning.

7. What does an AI & Robotics Lab provide?

AI & Robotics lab provides an extensive curriculum for AI, Engineering, Coding, and Robotics. The Lab is devoted to providing skills and knowledge to creatively implement a broad spectrum of AI and Robotics research methods and applications for students to provide cognitive learning and enhance their creativity and innovation mindset.

8. What is the difference between an AI & Robotics lab and a Robotics club?

An AI & Robotics lab is a complete Lab set-up with several workstations including AI, Engineering, and Robotics, whereas the Robotics club offers extensive projects and kits to each student. They also get access to the online learning portal with an ID for self-paced learning.

9. Can the AI & Robotics Lab be customized according to the school's requirements?

The AI & Robotics lab can be customized according to the school's requirements, space accommodation, components, and equipment. Team Kurious aims to provide the best kits, mentors, and manuals for assessment and STEAM learning.

10. How extensive is the curriculum?

The AI & Robotics lab curriculum offers multiple workstations including Engineering, AI & Robotics. With multiple DIY kits, more than 20+ interesting projects, and detailed instructions, students learn the integration and programming with the help of microcontrollers.

11. Can students make these models themselves?

With our integrated and experienced team, we have developed and launched multiple kits to provide extensive learning to the students. From Coding to assembling and working, students can easily make these projects themselves with the help of our comprehensive step-by-step videos at our online learning portal

12. Will support be provided after the installation of the AI & Robotics labs?

Our motto is STEAM Education for all. With this aim, we provide effective and innovative AI & Robotics labs with expert trainers for guidance and a curriculum to enhance and enable students to ideate, innovate and create several working projects with real-life applications. We believe in complete customer satisfaction and therefore work hard to achieve it in every situation.