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Artificial Intelligence (AI) is being widely recognized to be the power that will fuel the future global digital economy or for that matter most aspects of social and governance developmental processes. India’s own AI Strategy identifies AI as an opportunity and solution provider for inclusive economic growth and social development. In line to this, AI has already been formally introduced in school education in a skill-based system to “effectively harness the potential of AI in a sustainable manner” and to make India’s next generation ‘AI ready’.

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National Education Policy (NEP) 2020 has also acknowledged the importance of AI education in today’s time. To align India’s curriculum to the 21st century and to prepare the students for the AI economy, the policy lays profound emphasis on the need to impart the necessary technical knowledge at all levels of education.
With NEP 2020 naming Coding and AI as a 21st-century skill, it aims to teach students these employment focused skills from class 6th to help them learn and understand this skill from an early age with a clear aim to make future generations employment-focused and future ready.

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  • Importance of AI With the advancement of technology and innovation, educators must ceaselessly evolve to keep up with the world and the necessities of accelerating the education sector.    AI in education has become an important

  • Coding and Robotics in Education   We live in an era where numerous human errands are currently computerized because of Coding and Robotics. Since Artificial Intelligence and Coding are the key parts of Robotics, robots are

  • Applications of AI in Daily Life   Artificial Intelligence is an extensive computer science branch that puts the spotlight on building brilliant machines. With the help of AI, these machines can conform to new data sources,


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