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With the advancement of technology and innovation, educators must ceaselessly evolve to keep up with the world and the necessities of accelerating the education sector.

AI in education has become an important topic for students’ academic curriculum due to its impactful results and multiple benefits in our daily lives. AI Technology is considered the driving force that will fuel the future economy, thereby enhancing the future of not only our country but benefiting humans on a global level. 

As this generation has grown up with the privilege of having innovation readily available, the field of education and training has greatly altered and revolutionized in the technology-driven world.

What is AI? 

We talk about the use of Artificial Intelligence in Education and its significance but let’s first understand what Artificial Intelligence is? AI is the ability of the machines or the computer to learn and perform multiple human functions, such as speech recognition, problem-solving, decision making, etc.

AI has a long history and we have been working on it since the 1950s. 

AI in Daily Life:

Artificial Intelligence has been successfully implemented in several sectors to simplify human tasks and help them in various ways. From a robot chef that understands the recipes and makes them efficiently within a limited time, without errors or delay, to the engaging social media algorithms, finding the best routes while traveling, putting up your favorite filter on Snapchat, or selecting the perfect movie on various Sites has all become easy with the help of AI.

How does Artificial Intelligence affect Education in Schools?

Artificial Intelligence is expanding massively in multiple sectors including, social media, entertainment, health, so why not education? CBSE has also introduced Artificial Intelligence in schools as an optional subject from class IX, underlining the importance of AI Education, Robotics, and Coding in our lives. Technology and innovation have consistently been a significant part of education, yet its present use is more pervasive than at any time in history with the increased availability of smart devices, technological advancements, and digitalization of the world. With the ascent of Artificial Intelligence in education, it has become possible to help students learn various things that are beneficial not only in development but also in solving real-life problems.


With our initiative, “Demystifying AI” we are creating awareness through a Webinar Series about the relevance of AI in daily life and Education for not only students but teachers and schools. Understanding the basics of AI and machine learning, how it works along with some fun hands-on learning activities and videos. 

NEP on AI Education: 

NEP 2020 has also acknowledged the importance of AI in Education in recent times with advancements in technology and the digitized world. To align India’s curriculum and impart knowledge to the students, thereby preparing them for the future economy, NEP has emphasized the need to impart technical education to the students at all levels. From Coding, Robotics to Machine Learning, the future generation must be trained in multiple ways enabling them to be tech-savvy, as is the demand of the revolutionizing world.

Making India’s future Generation AI Ready:

kblox ai explorer

We need not worry about Artificial Intelligence because it is not here to take away your jobs or responsibilities but to assist you in performing your tasks effectively and in a quick time. From Pepper to Sophie we have come a long way and are ever-evolving with time.

Our Educational Webinar Series not only focuses on the importance of AI Education but its relevance in our daily lives. Kids can learn to train their own AI Models, create multiple projects with the help of different software that we discussed in our webinar, and know-how easy it is to be acquainted with AI and make India’s future generation AI-ready.