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Applications of AI in Daily Life

Applications of AI in Daily Life


Artificial Intelligence is an extensive computer science branch that puts the spotlight on building brilliant machines. With the help of AI, these machines can conform to new data sources, learn and perform human-like tasks and functions. For instance, chess-playing PCs and self-driving vehicles depend vigorously on NLP and deep learning. 

People usually think of Artificial intelligence as high-tech and a far-fetched idea, but we encounter multiple examples of AI in our daily lives. AI basics have simple and ordinary applications in different sectors. 


Artificial intelligence aims to create smart machines that help us perform our day-to-day activities. This blog talks about some common sectors and the use of artificial intelligence in education, healthcare, business, marketing, etc. 


AI application in Real-Life

Artificial Intelligence can be used to manage several daily activities such as face detection and recognition technology. Various Snapchat filters and face ID unlocks systems on mobile phones are examples of AI in our daily life. 

AI in Education: 

NEP 2020, and even CBSE have recommended the importance of AI in Education. With advanced technology, developing machines, and operating systems, AI has revolutionized the industry and the field of education to help future generations with better technology and aid. Personalized education, digital lessons, online tutoring, automated assignments, and tasks help engage students in a better way, thereby enhancing their learning experience.


Virtual Assistants:

Numerous virtual assistants such as Siri, Alexa, Cortana help us find information through the internet. By evaluating the search results through voice recognition, these applications can use machine learning algorithms to recommend the best choices according to our inquiry.

Machine learning is a crucial part of AI technology which helps enhance consumers’ experience through personalized recommendations and improved buying experience. 


AI in Navigation and Travel: 

Google maps are the best example of AI in daily life. Usually, the modern navigation systems leverage data from the Internet of Things using Wifi or a built-in Bluetooth in our devices, which keeps on updating in real-time. AI helps gather and interpret data and puts it together to guide us virtually in the right direction with the best paths to lead us to our destinations. AI used in self-driving cars is another helpful example of AI used in travel and navigation processes. 

Use of AI in Healthcare: 

The Healthcare sector has an array of applications for AI. The powerful and high-tech machines help diagnose and analyze several diseases. AI also helps in predicting disease aids in several healthcare centers. 

Hand in medical glove pointing to virtual screen medical technology

AI in Entertainment: 

With the help of recommendation algorithms and search history, online entertainment platforms such as Netflix, Hotstar, Prime Video recommends shows and movies. These systems rely on algorithms that are powered by AI. Smart recommendation systems utilize the data of users through deep machine learning algorithms and predict recommended preferences. 


Smart Home devices: )

Different smart home devices presently use AI applications to save energy.

For instance, smart thermostats, coolers, Smart TVs, bulbs, etc. can be switched on and off with just your voice command and control temperatures to avoid extra energy conservation. 

How we utilize Artificial Intelligence at home is still evolving and developing further. More AI solutions presently analyze the human way of behaving and working as per the requirements.



Examples of Artificial Intelligence in our daily lives include chatbots, Robochefs, automated machines in warehouses, various healthcare devices, digital assistants, and whatnot. Artificial Intelligence is a developing technology. It is here to assist humans to perform multiple tasks by transforming the world completely with better technology. AI also enables students to create multiple projects through coding and the applications of AI. 

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AI is the future of technology, so why not be curious about it today?