3D Designing (TinkerCad Software)
About Lesson


  In this we will learn how to : 
  • Download a Design
  • Sharing the Design
Download a design
When we are finished with our design the next and final step will be exporting it for 3D printing. Just click on the export option; a dialogue box appears where we need to select.STL option, as we click on it our files will be saved in download folder in your system. Now we have our project ready for printing, but don’t forget to convert your design into G-code for 3d printing.
Sharing the design  
Share your work with friends is cool, right? We can do collaborated work too. This sharing option gives us the freedom to work on the design with more than one person. We can share our design to other 3D sites as well, Thingiverse or myminifactory. Sharing can be done through generating a link of your design through invite option. This option is available in the toolbar as send to.